MEP Diana Wallis Interview: Improving Tranparency and Participation in the EU

Many in the UK and across Europe tend to view the EU as an elitist and alien bureaucracy, out of touch with the everyday needs of its citizens. This is particularly significant at a time when there is widespread alarm over the Euro crisis coupled with growing separatist yearnings  in the UK. So how is the EU responding to such charges? Can the EU become more democratic, more transparent, and increase the participation of its citizens in the policymaking process? Eureka spoke with two high-ranking officials of the European Parliament, Diana Wallis and Michael Shackleton, to find out their thoughts on the matter Continue reading


Despite the Euro crisis-Britain still needs Europe

When the Euro crisis first began to unfold back in 2010 it was greeted by many in the U.K.with a certain sense of schadenfreude. There was an air of smug satisfaction that we had decided not to join the single currency, and many argued that those countries that had joined should deal with their own mess and leave Britain to focus on its own painful economic recovery Continue reading

Anti-capitalist protests: a pointless trend or the foundations of an alternative system?

The demonstrators occupying St Paul’s, as well as similar protesters in Wall Street and throughout the world, have seemed to capture the headlines for all the wrong reasons. First they were branded as hypocrites for consuming capitalist goods, as if owning a mobile phone or buying a coffee from Starbucks automatically disqualified them from any criticism of the current economic system. The purchase of one flavoured latte, so the argument went, clearly amounts to a complete endorsement of unbridled capitalism, therefore undermining any argument for a fairer and better regulated global economy. The implication is that anyone concerned about the excesses of the free market should strip to a loincloth and revert to a barter economy if they want their views to be taken seriously Continue reading

Afghanistan Ten Years On: View from the Frontline

Phil, a Lance-Corporal in the British Army, reaches into his wallet and shows me the Taliban bullet that only narrowly missed him during his tour in Afghanistan last year. An old school friend who is now a Lance-Corporal in the British Army, Phil spent six months as a recovery mechanic embedded with the Scottish Guards just north of Lashkar Gar, Helmand province. His unit was subject to one of the fiercest tours of 2010, with nearly seven-hundred contacts with the enemy over seven months. Now, exactly one year today since his return and in the wake of the tenth anniversary of the initial US-led invasion, I ask him what he thinks about this seemingly endless conflict… Continue reading

Am I just another pointless blogger?

As an aspiring journalist I’ve always been told it’s essential that I have my own blog but the prospect of starting one has never appealed to me. I’d like to think this is because I don’t want to be just another unheard voice in the blogosphere and the whole exercise feels a little pointless, but admittedly it’s also partly out of sheer laziness. Anyway, now I’ve finally done it, largely as an outlet to post my published articles in one place. If anyone does actually read any of this please prove me wrong  by commenting with any thoughts you might have!