6 Contradictions in Cameron’s speech

1. Austerity

  “People are increasingly frustrated that decisions taken further and further away from them mean their living standards are slashed through enforced austerity.”

 “It is through the Greek Parliament that Antonis Samaras has to pass his Government’s austerity measures.”

 2. Justice and Home Affairs

 Nations must “work together against terrorism and organised crime,”

 We should “return some existing justice and home affairs powers.”

 3. Single Market

 “For the single market to function we need a common set of rules and a way of enforcing them.”

 “Let us not be misled by the fallacy that a deep and workable single market requires everything to be harmonised, to hanker after some unattainable and infinitely level playing field.”

 4. Referendum

 “Now – while the EU is in flux, and when we don’t know what the future holds and what sort of EU will emerge from this crisis is not the right time to make such a momentous decision about the future of our country.”

 “When we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice. To stay in the EU on these new terms; or come out altogether. It will be an in-out referendum.”

 5. Competitiveness Council

 “When the competitiveness of the Single Market is so important, why is there an environment council, a transport council, an education council but not a single market council?”

 There is already a Competitiveness Council.

 6. Democracy

 “My fourth principle is democratic accountability: we need to have a bigger and more significant role for national parliaments.”

Does this include the unelected House of Lords?


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