Liberal Democrats need to counter the perception that they are no longer a serious political force

Many of my friends are quite bemused when I say am working for the Liberal Democrats. “They’re a bit of a laughing stock at the moment,” one will say. “They’ll be wiped out at the next election,” another comments. These are not die-hard Labour tribalists or Tory hardliners, who yearn for the end of the Lib Dems and the return to a two-party system. They are just ordinary members of the public, with nothing more than a passing interest in politics.

For me, this is the biggest danger facing the Liberal Democrats: that, despite having been in power for over two years, we are still not being taken seriously as a political party. Continue reading


Deputy Leader Simon Hughes on Liberalism, Coalition and what the Lib Dems stand for

On 9th February, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes came to UCL to give a talk to students about what his party stands for. Here is a summary of his talk: Continue reading

Interview: Baroness Susan Kramer

Baroness Susan Kramer, former MP for Richmond Park and now Liberal Democrat Peer, meets me in the lobby of the House of Lords and offers to show me around. The deep sense of tradition and the ostentatious displays of wealth and power seem to contrast with her friendly, relaxed demeanour, as she casually jokes with me whilst taking me around her place of work… Continue reading